NOAA Space Weather Sites Updated

On Tuesday, December 9, 2014 NOAA launched their new Space Weather Prediction Site. This is a gateway site to all of the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Products and really gives an excellent view of current space weather conditions on the homepage.

Because of this many links on the Natural Radio Lab site were broken. I think I’ve fixed all of the links on the site, but if you find any that aren’t working please let me know. I’ll also be linking to any new NOAA products that might be useful over the next few days.

The POES site is no longer functional, but has been replaced by and Auroral Forecast page which is available in the left menu bar under “Real-Time Data.”

I also deleted the link to the former HAARP site as it was discontinued when the project lost funding.

Magazine Archive

Popular Electronics magazine coverAs I was preparing my article for The Lowdown, I needed to look up some information from old Popular Electronics magazines. My collection of old magazines is long gone, but I found a great online source for old radio and electronic magazines and literature at

The site has a very large collection of magazines and other radio related literature and publications that you might find useful. It is definitely worth a visit to the site.



Dark Lightning

Several years ago scientists were surprised when the data from their Gamma-ray burst detectors were seeing Gamma-ray flashes that originated from terrestrial thunderstorms. Recent data indicates that these Gamma-ray flashes may come from a new mechanism, rather than conventional lightning flashes. Science@NASA produced a video to explain the new theory.