Dark Lightning

Several years ago scientists were surprised when the data from their Gamma-ray burst detectors were seeing Gamma-ray flashes that originated from terrestrial thunderstorms. Recent data indicates that these Gamma-ray flashes may come from a new mechanism, rather than conventional lightning flashes. Science@NASA produced a video to explain the new theory.

Site Updates and Fixes

I found that the email link to info@naturalradiolab.com was not forwarding properly. It looks like it was broken in one of the past updates. It now works properly. My apologies to all those who tried to email me and thought I was ignoring them.

I’ve added a “SATELLITES” section to the “RESOURCES” menu that list the satellites that provide information of interest to Natural Radio listeners and Space Weather enthusiasts. Basic information on the satellite and it’s instrumentation are provided as well as a synopsis of available data. Links are provided to the appropriate websites for the satellite, that can provide data and more complete information.

Finally, I have uploaded the remainder of my 2012 articles from “The Lowdown”.