How do I find a quiet listening location?

Finding a quiet listening location is usually the biggest challenge facing the Natural Radio listener. Power lines emit signals that are in the same frequency range of the signals that we want to hear, so the obvious solution is to get away from power lines. For good listening, you should be at least a couple of miles from high-voltage transmissions lines (These are the lines with big insulators that are usually on metal towers, but occasionally poles. They carry electricity from the power generating stations to the sub-stations.) You’ll want to be a half mile or more from distribution lines (These lines carry the power from the sub-stations to homes and businesses.)

Large parks and Nature preserves are the obvious places to start. Finding places with access in the pre-dawn hours is often difficult, but once you have searched out your “quiet sites” you’ll be set. Aeronautical maps sometimes show the larger transmission lines or you can locate them out by driving around and plotting them on a map. This will help you locate parks or other open areas in potentially quiet locations. Spending a few weekends driving around with a portable receiver should enable you to locate some good listening locations.