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and Mark S. Karney.

Norwest Communications is a full-service video, multi-media and audio production facility in Barrington, Illinois. We are specialists in producing cost-effective programs for entrepreneurs, small companies, musicians, entertainers, and non-profit organizations.

Entrepreneur and author, Mark Karney, is your webmaster and President of Norwest Communications. Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in ElectricalEngineering and was a Licensed Professional Engineer in Illinois. He has been a licensed radio amateur since 1962, and is currently licensed as N9JWF.

He has been chasing Natural Radio Signals since the early 1990’s and was
Natural Radio Editor for The Lowdown, a publication of the Longwave Club
of America from 1999 to 2015.

Mark was also was list owner of the VLF_Group on Yahoo Groups, and is now list owner of the Natural Radio & VLF Group at after the VLF_Group was migrated to that site in 2019.